The European Palm Society

Welcome to the European Palm Society

Founded in 1991, the European Palm Society have been championing the growing of palms and other exotic plants in Europe and other Temperate areas of the world.

The European Palm Society (EPS) is affiliated to the International Palm Society and is a non-profit organisation dedicated to sharing information about palms and other exotic plants across the continent of Europe. We recognise that many other areas of the world experience similar climatic conditions to those in Europe and we also therefore welcome sharing the experiences and knowledge of members all around the globe.

The main goal of the EPS is to communicate with other enthusiasts through our journal 'Chamaerops', this website or personally via society meetings, in order to share ideas and knowledge of the successful cultivation and study of exotic plants. Above all the EPS is run by members, for members, and we cannot survive without that support and participation.

So, what can you do on the website?

* Visit our News page to see latest information about the society.

* Read and participate in our plant discussion Forum - you need to register for this but it's free and simple to do.

* Still need more information? Then see our Links page for quick links to other plant societies or click here to send us a message.