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EPS Palm Data Base launched!

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Posted: 12 Jun 2015

After a number of years of wanting to instigate this project I am so happy to report that on Thursday 11th June, we made the initial database live.

We have started with just a few sample entries but the idea is that over time members submit information on palm species and varieties they are growing and we will add them to the database. It will enable us to build a comprehensive picture of which species we are growing in Europe and what sort of conditions they have experienced, especially valuable for assessing winter hardiness over the coming years and getting an idea what the climatic limits might be for species.

It also gives us a chance to note any special cultivation tips/preferences, seed germination tips etc Where we have been discussing possible variations within some palms, like Trachycarpus, we can create entries that allow us to collect details for each of the horticultural forms to show what its special characters might be, all this helped by uploading photographs.

I would like it to become our way of collecting our own experiences in one place where we can easily share our findings with like minded growers.

It isn't meat to be a rush to get it fully completed but to build gradually and keep refining over the years as our knowledge grows.

Please do use the suggestions link at the bottom of the Palm DB page to send us contributions and if you have any photos to share let us know in the detail you submit. We will mail you back  with how to get the pictures to us. Please be patient tough as it may take us in admin a little time to get the material uploaded.

Thanks to those who helped with some of the initial templates to get us underway!

I hope you find this a useful addition.

Kind regards